How to identify Steering Rattle problem in i20

How to identify Steering Rattle problem in i20: 

This is most important one, as most of us who own i20 drive without realising steering rattle problem exists in our car. So, here are setps to identify whether your car has steering rattle problems or not.

1. Start the engine with doors closed and windows rolled up.

2. Now turn your steering wheel rapidly clock and Anti-clock wise.

3. Check if you hear tuck-tuck noise while rotating.

4. If you hear sound then, you car has steering rattle and take your car for service station.

Solutions available:

If you take your car to service station for steering rattle problem, the following are the solution to be provided to customers

1. Bush placement

2. Yoke Pad replacement 

3. Steering rack replacement 

All of the above could be done free under warranty and in extended warranty period, after warranty it could be charged.


Pricing after warrant period for steering rattle problem are as follows,

1. Bush placement - Rs. 85 /-

2. Yoke Pad Replacement - Rs. 450 /-

3. Steering Rack Replacement - Rs. 8000 /- 

For more queries and update from your end please post your comments. 


  1. I have given for the steering rack replacement today.


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